Easy, Delicious, & Nutritious Cooking Over the Campfire

Easy, Delicious, & Nutritious Cooking Over the Campfire

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When using the grill, I love to make foil packets. They are easy to prepare in advance and cook on the grill or over a campfire.

Your family can even personalize their foil packs by choosing their own ingredients. Combine ground beef, rice, beans, peppers and cheese for a Southwestern meal, or tilapia and summertime vegetables for a fresh and light meal. Make a side by combining potatoes, vegetables and seasonings. Don’t forget dessert; a sweet combination of diced pound cake, fruit, brown sugar, margarine and cinnamon is sure to please everyone.

Make your foil packs ahead of time, throw them in the cooler, and they will be ready to cook when you reach your destination.

Here are some important foil pack cooking tips:

Use heavy-duty foil. You don’t want the foil to rip and your dinner to leak out. If you use regular foil, double up on the sheets. If your food is heavy and/or you plan to eat directly from the pack, it’s a good idea to double up even on the heavy-duty sheets.

Spray the side of the foil on which you’re going to place the food with cooking spray before you add your ingredients and seal it up. This prevents food from sticking to the bottom of the packet.

– When placing your ingredients on the sheet of foil, always put the meat on the bottom as it takes the longest to cook.

Cook your foil packet over the fire’s coals, not in the fire itself. Ideally, you want to place the packet on a bed of coals about 2 inches thick.

– Hard, raw vegetables like carrots and potatoes take a long time to cook. If you don’t want to wait, use the canned variety.

– When cooking meat, throw in some high-moisture veggies like tomatoes and onions. This will keep the meat from drying out.

– Cooking times will depend on how hot the fire is and the type of food in the packet. I generally err on the side of cooking it too long; this is the kind of food that you don’t need to be overly delicate with. Flip the packets over a few times during cooking, and open and check on how the food is progressing from time to time.

– When it’s finished cooking, open your foil packet carefully, as it’s full of hot steam.

Original article, “Campfire cooking: Foil packets areeasy way to make balanced meals” by Alexandra Economy

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