GEAR UP: Great Gifts For Every Athlete On Your Wish List

GEAR UP: Great Gifts For Every Athlete On Your Wish List

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Look no further for the latest and greatest in gear for every athlete on your gift list!


Trying to find that perfect gift for the athlete on your list? Athletes have unique needs and sometimes what could seem like a crazy wish list!  Take note Santa, athletes not only like to stay up on current trends but also need new gear to reduce the risk of injury and even improve performance.   Experts say training shoes should be replaced according to the amount they are worn but at least seasonally.  Brent George, physical therapist from G4 Athlete in Seattle says “athletes should replace shoes based on fit, feel and function; running shoes every 300 miles and cleats every season. Stable shoes equate to improved performance and injury prevention.”  Maybe shoes should be a mandatory item on an athlete’s wish list?

We reached out to some of our favorite high school athletes and asked them what athletic items were on their holiday wish lists. Assuming these athletes remain nice rather than naughty, they are hoping Santa is taking notes.


Emery (Junior at Tahoma HS, Softball)

Emery plays year-round softball and uses her wish list to freshen up dirt stained workout gear from stealing bases. She is hoping for:
Lululemon training clothes, she says the headbands are especially great for keeping stray hairs out of her face.
Reusable ice and heat packs– You can wrap these ones around just about any achy body part.


Luke (Freshman at Issaquah, Cross Country and Soccer)

In hot pursuit of cross country honors, Luke knows the importance of having the right gear to train hard.  He added these to his list:
Training gear- like Under Amour Cold Gear for training outside
New running shoes- a pair from Brooks Running should do the trick!  Head to the Seattle based outlet store for great deals!
College apparel (Perhaps from Ole’ Miss?)


Jamie (Junior at Bothell HS, Volleyball)

Jamie plays year-round volleyball and keeps her holiday gift list short and sweet.  She is hoping for: Nike 4.0 fly knit shoes to motivate her cross training.


Other amazing athletes in our network staying on the nice side of Santa’s list are hoping for some of these hot items:

Fit Bit Charge: These handy devices can help athletes balance energy output and intake to insure performance is driven by nutrition.
Triggerpoint Foam Roller:  Get out those kinks and get muscles ready for action.
Perform Better Mini Exercise Band:  Great for travel and staying on top of your prehab and rehab exercises.

Here at WINforum we add to the wish list the gift of high performance nutrition, a gift certificate to your favorite local sports dietitian and a batch of homemade energy bars!

Happy Holidays!

About the author

Emily Edison, owner and founder of Momentum Nutrition & Fitness, is a recognized expert in the areas of sports nutrition and disordered eating, with over 17 years of experience as a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer. Her philosophy centers around fueling with whole foods and eating intuitively, empowering people to eat for performance, improve vitality, and develop a positive relationship with food and body.