Beyond Cereal… Healthy Breakfast Ideas for High Performance Athletes

yogurt parfaits are a great healthy breakfast food

Athletes need quick, healthy breakfast options on the move.  In the morning (wake – lunch) eat at least 1/3 of the day’s energy (calories).  Combine healthy energy packed grains with lean proteins and colorful fruits. You may also need a morning snack.

Pick a breakfast food from each column, add a glass of milk or calcium fortified orange juice for extra energy and nutrition.

High Energy Grains Muscle Building Proteins Nutrient Packed Color
Whole Grain Toaster Waffle Peanut Butter Banana
Oatmeal Low-Fat Milk Fresh Berries
Granola w Nuts Yogurt Fresh/Frozen Peaches
Tortilla Cheese/Turkey Tomatoes
Cooked Quinoa or Rice mixed with Cinnamon and Sugar Low-Fat Milk Fresh Berries
Whole Grain Toast Eggs and Cheese Spinach

Boost Your Athletic Performance with These Top Breakfast ideas!

1. Whole grain bagel w/cream cheese and fruit

2. Granola Parfait (Layer granola, fruit, nuts and yogurt) put a lid on it to go

3. Speedy Breakfast Burrito

4. Toaster Waffle “Big Mac”  (layer toaster waffles w peanut butter and banana)

5. Breakfast Sushi

baseball player hits it home after a healthy breakfast