HIGH PERFORMANCE DINNER: Post-practice or post-game RE-FUELING

athlete ordering dinner
Dinner is the meal that refills your energy storage tank (called glycogen) and provides the protein to repair and rebuild broken down muscles.

Feed Your Game expert tip:  If you find yourself STARVING when you arrive home from practice (like you could eat the tire off the car kind of starving), please add a post practice snack like chocolate milk, before you get home.  This helps you begin to refill and repair immediately and avoids the post practice “Hangries” (hungry + anger = hangries, no fun at home).

keep it simple  |  frozen veggies are fine  |  it is ok to eat leftovers

The athletes’ dinner contains one food from each column below. Have a complex carbohydrate and a lean protein source along with a variety of colors to make a high performing dinner.

Grains/Carbs Protein Veggies Healthy Fats Hydrate
spaghetti meat sauce carrots parm cheese (or other cheese) water
pasta chicken bell peppers olives low fat milk
potato steak spinach salad vinegrette dressing chocolate milk (for post practice)
rice or tortilla beans grilled mixed veggies avocado broth based soup
sweet potato pork tenderloin sauteed zucchini olive oil diluted juice
quinoa salad beans snow peas sliced almonds (or other nuts)
rice pilaf salmon kale salad
gnocchi w pesto sauce chicken sausage roasted red peppers

Tough questions parents are asking:

What should I make for dinner when I have kids arriving home from practice at all different times?

Dinnertime can be a challenge for families with multiple athletes arriving home at all hours.  Many of our high performance dinner ideas are easy to keep warm in the oven or reheat when athletes are ready.  Crock pot cooking can work wonders as well.  Of course, WINForum always recommends dinner as a sit down family meal, but sometimes we have to “punt”.

Feed Your Game expert advice: Use WINForum recipes for easy to make and reheat sports meals. Use leftovers for lunch and even dinner the next night.

girls playing soccer
meat for athletes

Do I have to serve meat every night with dinner?

Protein comes in many forms and does not always have to come from meat.  Try using combinations of foods like beans and rice, adding firm tofu to your stir fry, or trying the super grain quinoa in a quinoa salad.

Contrary to popular belief, protein is a compliment to an athlete’s dinner not the main event.

Feed Your Game expert advice: Protein makes up less than 20% of the athlete’s diet. More protein does not equal better performance.

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Score a home run with these high performance dinner ideas:

1. Chicken Enchilada Casserole, green salad, low fat milk.

2. Veggie filled cheese lasagna, spinach salad, watermelon, water.

3. Santa Fe Stuffed Peppers, green salad, whole wheat roll, low-fat milk.

4. Spaghetti with Sun Dried Tomato Almond Pesto , chicken sausage, steamed broccoli, low-fat milk.

hit a home run