Snack Attack

Eating frequently throughout the day is the best way to rev up your metabolism, as well as fuel up for competition.  Add these snacks to your shopping list and take them with you in you bag or keep non-perishables in your locker.


Carbs (for energy) + Protein (for muscle rebuilding) = WINNING SNACK

CARBOHYDRATE(energy) PROTEIN(muscle rebuilding)
Fresh Fruit Yogurt
Bagel Turkey
Bread Peanut Butter & Jelly
Crackers Cheese Sticks
Granola Bar Milk/Milk Box
Pasta(small serving) Chicken
Applesauce Nuts
Baked Potato Shredded Cheese


Want more information? Download WINforum’s Snack Attack Game Plan



Hit it home with some of our WINForum Athletes’ favorite snacks

  • Yogurt Parfait (yogurt, fruit, granola) in a plastic to go container.

    • Jamie, Volleyball age 15

  • Sports Nachos (Baked chips w low fat cheese, chicken chunks, salsa)

    • Garret, Football age 17

  • Tortilla Roll-Up (whole wheat tortilla with turkey, cheese sticks, tomato)

    • Ryan, Lacorsse age 14

  • Quesadilla (2% cheese and black beans) w salsa on top

    • Sarah, Soccer age 18

  • Granola Bar Sandwich (Nature Valley Granola Bar with Peanut Butter in between and raisins)

    • Jared, Baseball age 16

  • Frozen Bananas dipped in yogurt

    • Emily, Swimming age 17

  •  “No Sugar Added” Applesauce with Peanut Butter mixed in

    • Kennedy, Basketball age 18

  • Skim latte and almond biscotti cookie at coffee shop

    • Lynae, Pole Vault age 18

  • Spencer’s High Performance Smoothie

    • Spencer, Track- Sprinter, Age 15

      •  8-12 ounces 2% Milk or Yogurt

      • 2 T of peanut butter or scoop protein powder

      • Fresh or Frozen Fruit (Banana or strawberries)

      • Blend with Ice and serve.